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What's the best way to treat my dog's skin allergies? He's scratching all over.?

He's a 5 pound long coat chihuahua...the cute kind, not the nip at your heel kind.

What's the best way to treat my dog's skin allergies? He's scratching all over.?
Your vet should prescribe an anti bacterial shampoo that's for the conditions that are affecting your dog. Anything else is just guessing and may be potentially harmful. You can always use a generic shampoo like oatmeal, and see if it relieves the discomfort, but I'm sure that you'd prefer something more long lasting. Call the vet.
Reply:Feed him 1/2 of an avocado a day for 30 days. The oil in the avocado will help promote oils on his skin relieving the itching and make his coat shine.
Reply:go to the vet he can give him a shot and some antibiotics.... If for some reason that is in no way an option..... YOu HAVE TO GET THE FLEAS OFF OF HIM.......Frontline is the best and you can buy it is the single pactage from a vet... They also have another product out called Capstar and it will kill all fleas with in 6 hours you can give it everyday if you want but it does not prevent fleas from returning so It is best used to deinfest then use frontline as a preventive.....I would suggest a benadryl but it is a little dog an dI was only allow to give a half a one to a shepherd so not a good idea....really a vet is needed but this is a good start.....
Reply:My cat had skin allergies for a while... just take him to a vet and they'll prescribe something. Sometimes the poor little tyke won't like it, such as our having to soak Teddy's foot for 10 minutes every day in this blue crap that he didn't want to sit still for. But, don't let him suffer, consult a vet.
Reply:you can only deal with that with presciption medication, you have to see a vet.
Reply:Take him to a vet,he could have skin allergies.
Reply:it depends what dose it have allergies of well my dont u go to the vet and ask there is this medicine called "ahidrex" it works for dogs with sensitive skin why dont u look for it its hard to find but u could find it in the vet or a store for dogs only
Reply:mabey u should give it tick and flea medication. and if that dosent work try ringworm medication. thn ks hope i helped!
Reply:Avocado works. Also - believe it or not - Head and Shoulder dry scalp. Make sure he doesn't have fleas. They really tear up a long haired dog. Brush him everyday. That will help disperse the natural oils from the body.
Reply:How often have you bathed your pet? Sometimes dry skin caused by too much bathing causes the dog to itch, and this can appear to be skin allergies. Put a teaspoon of olive oil in his food once a day. Avocados are a very bad idea as they are considered potentially poisonous to your pet.

As with all advice, check with your vet.
Reply:A cool bath with Aveeno (or generic) will help, be sure to rinse well. My friend had a dog with terrible allergies..couldn't get it under control with anything..the canine dermatologist gave her this recope for daily feeding, and it finally got the skin back to normal..takes about 2 weeks to see great improvement%26gt;

A diet of lamb, rice and kelp helps.

Cook the white rice with 3 cups of water per cup of rice, and cook until all is absorbed. Grind or chop the lamb and feed it raw, mixed in the rice with a spoon of sea kelp..You can add vegetables in season, including yams and peeled potatoes. Avoid tomatoes, corn, onions, cabbage, grapes (or raisins) ... You can add or exchange lentils for the rice.

Your grocer will have kelp in the health supplement section, or your drug store, or healthfood store.

Most store bought meats have growth hormones, and antibiotics, given during the growing or 'finishing' feeding. but lamb is not fed that stuff.

The kelp makes a big difference.

If your dog doesn't like the rice, you can boil fresh fish (not farmed) and pour the broth over the rice.

Don't cook the kelp, but stir it in before serving..about 1 teaspoon per feeding...twice per day.

the above recipe will last for several days, so you don't have to cook daily, but most dog prefer it warmed..

If the lamb is too lean, this diet might cause hard can add 2 teaspoons of canned pumpkin, oat bran, or olive oil if there is constipation.

Solid Gold makes a good hypo-allergenic kibble..Ask at your local (not chain) pet supply...Science Diet rarely helps..
Reply:go and see your vet and see if there is any medicine that you could give your dog. it may also have allergies so you should have them check for that to.
Reply:bath him with a good tar based shampoo only and check with the vet regarding his diet.
Reply:oatmeal shampoo

lucky nuts

My son is 12 months ,he had wheezing and when he was better he started getting allergies in skin lik ring worm

kind,so when i took him to skin specialist wat dr said is its eczema ,which is related to wheezing and he gave me NIZRAL ointment,but i am worried,bcos it is in his genital areas and thighs and sides of waist.Can some one tell me whether taking medicines for wheezing may result in allergies???

My son is 12 months ,he had wheezing and when he was better he started getting allergies in skin lik ring worm
Yes. Your Doctor has it right. Just keep using the meds.

I have a 7 yr old dachshund with skin allergies. What is the best medications or home remedies to use?

We have already tried steroid shots but it only last for 6 weeks and that is not good for his health, and we have changed his food to only fish products, we have found out that has helped some.

I have a 7 yr old dachshund with skin allergies. What is the best medications or home remedies to use?
Exist special food "prescription food" such as Prescription Diet

d/d™ Potato %26amp; Salmon Formula Canine

For the Nutritional Management of Dogs with a range of inflammatory skin conditions and Food Allergy and Intolerance. The nutritional formulation of Prescription Diet™ d/d™ includes enhanced levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which have been shown to be useful for pets with a variety of inflammatory skin conditions that are often associated with excessive itching, scratching and licking.

Food allergy and intolerance may result in numerous skin and stomach problems that can cause discomfort and pain in your dog. This condition, also known as an adverse reaction to food, is usually an abnormal response to the protein found in many pet foods. Prescription Diet™ d/d™ comes with novel protein sources (new to your dog) to help manage adverse reactions to food. Commonly, reactions occur as a result of beef, dairy products and wheat. Prescription Diet™ d/d™ foods contain none of these allergens.

Also there is some shampoos specially for allergies, check with your vet. your vet for dosage
Reply:call your vet
Reply:Look at his food, the ingredients, see if there are wheat products, wheat is the food that more dogs have an allergy to and food allergies are more common than you think.

If that is the case you might want to shift him to a lamb and rice food. Remember if you do shift to another food only do about 10% at a time, basically make the shift over an entire week
Reply:We used to give a cat of ours that had skin problems egg yolks every day. It helped some, better than the fish oil we fed her previously.
Reply:As a dog breeder, I try to use only natural products like neem oil applied on the skin/fur, eggs mixed with a high-quality fish-based food, and a very gentle cleansing product.
Reply:Have an allegry test done.

The vet will draw a blood sample and send it off to a lab (the choice of labs will depend on you vet). The lab will run different tests to find out what exactly your pet is allergic to (different pollens, foods, etc.) Then, they will develop a serum injection specifically for your dog's allergies. You give the injections as directed, and only at the times the allergens are present.
Reply:my dog had the same thing all i did was put neosporin on it and i tried to keep her from scratching it as much as i could it should work after a while
Reply:Here's web site for meds you can safely give your dog.

Also if you are still doing vaccinations, check this site from Wisconsin University.

Does anybody have a bf/gf that has skin allergies?

I just got a puppy and its summer, time to go to the beach and the park but he can't go kus' he gets rashes too easily with EVERYTHING... haha its coo I still love him but I was wondering if you guys learn to live wit' it... I have... but it was just really frustrating today because he can't even sleep on my bed due to the fur my dog leaves... btw he refuses to get checked up because of the cost

Does anybody have a bf/gf that has skin allergies?
haha read ur question it seems like ur dogg gets allergies... but anyways i think u should just learn to live with it i guess ur just going to have to pick ur bf or the dogg... and that lady who says one of her eyes gets bigger then the other sounds like somebody really familier.....;D
Reply:I am allergic to some eyeliner and mascara so if i use teh wrong kind sop my boyfrind has to deal with one eye being bigger tehn the other.


What's the best food for dogs with skin allergies?

consider using Canidae dry dog food, all life stages.......this is an all natural, all human grade ingredients, no fillers or by products, no corn or wheat, and it has lots of vitamins %26amp; enzymes, and also flaxseed oil i believe !! they make it at their own plant in the USA, with only USA ingredients, and have a money back guarantee, if you are unhappy !!.......i researched the HECK out of dry dog foods, after the recalls started. Canidae is one of the BEST dry dog foods available today !!!.....many breeders recommend Canidae, and many Yahoo answer people recommend it also, and all have been pleased with it !!...i have seen answers of people who said their dogs had skin irritations %26amp; dry skin, and other maladies that disappeared after using Canidae !!....check their Web site at CANIDAE.COM for more information and locations of dealers near you by Zip code......i have switched my 2 dogs, and my daughter-in-law has switched her 3 dogs to Canidae, and we are all very happy with Canidae !!! JRTerrier loves Canidae %26amp; he eats half the portion he ate of his previous food, and leaves half the residue on the grass for me !! check it out %26amp; good luck to you %26amp; your dog !!!

What's the best food for dogs with skin allergies?
You can't determine that until you know the actual allergies. You can try to figure it out on your own, but it's time consuming and difficult (even impossible in some cases). I had our dog tested for $250, best money we've ever spent. They'll even give you a print out of safe foods to feed. He has nearly 30 allergies, only symptom was frequent ear infections. Among dust/mites, cotton, grasses (three types), trees (four types), beef, milk, carrots, potato, kelp, etc. Good luck. (Allergies vary from dog to dog, please don't think what works for one works for all or assume all you need is an "allergy food" depends on the allergies.)
Reply:My dog has exreme dander, but I find that a lamb and rice formula, one high in vitamin E and without corn or chicken, clears up the itches and dander. Diamond brand is what I have used, it's only in feed stores, but Purina Indoor Complete has a similar formula, others are comparable too, I'm sure.
Reply:RAW feeding is best for dogs with allergies.

The majority of food allergies in dogs are brought on by vaccines and the main foods they are allergic to are grains. Ask ANY raw feeder and they will tell you that allergies generally disapear 100% when being fed raw. Even dogs who are allergic to chicken in kibble can often eat raw chicken with no sign of alleries.

People who have no clue about RAW feeding are quick to give a thumbs down on these type of answers because it's easier to ignore the facts then to learn them. :)
Reply:It depends on the allergy. My dog gets funny on any lamb, chicken and pork. She has beef and tuna food instead with rice. Ask your vet.
Reply:I know of a dog who had severe allergies that have basically disappeared since switching to Timberwolf.
Reply:I don't know if this is the best. But there are alot of "better" made food that can be expensive.

I have been told and I do feed this to my own dogs just because its a good dog food. Its called Canidae its a dry dog food. They only used to make one flavor but now you can find Lamb and Rice. You can find the food at the better pet stores that carry the more expensive foods. I buy 40 pound bags and the cost I get it for is around $32 some places might charge a few bucks more.

Also if your dog has skin allergies and if you haven't tried this yet. Your dog could be allergic to fleas, flea bites. Dogs can be ya know. Use monthly and possibly year round if they are allergic. Frontline and Advantage is really good.

Another thing you can do is go to the store (Walmat) Buy Fish Oil capsules (Omega Fatty Acid) or Safflower Oil will work too. My dogs run from 70 and 80 pounds and I give them each one 1000mg a day which is one capsule. Depending on the weight of your dog determines how much to give. Good Luck.

P.S. Looking at my ratings I guess I should add in here that I've also had 6 dogs....three lived to be 15 years old. Three right now 4-4 and a little experience with the dogs I think.
Reply:Ask your vet because some dogs don't react well to special foods. You wouldn't want to make her allergies worse. Your vet could take a look at your dogs skin and know what food would be best. Changing your dog's diet should always be closely monitored anyway.
Reply:The best food would probably be California Natural.

"California Natural Pet Food

Cheap pet food ingredients, such as protein fillers, or even premium ingredients can be highly allergic to pets with sensitive systems. That's why California Natural dog and cat food refuses to use them in our production. In fact, we have the shortest ingredient list of any dry pet food and combine just one protein, one fat and one carbohydrate source to create a hypoallergenic pet food."

Here is a store locator:

Yes, it is a little more expensive than your average old wal-mart brands, but it will probably help your dogs allergies out alot. Plus its really healthy; no fillers or byproducts, wheat, soy or corn.

I use Innova (also on that site) for my 2 dogs (no allergies though) and they love it! These are some of the top dog foods.

You may want to look into Canidae too:

Hope that helps!
Reply:Until you figure out what it is your dog is allergic to you can't really tell. Dogs can have seasonal allergies or food allergies. If your dog has seasonal allergies you shouldn't really have to switch the food, unless your vet suggests it. If it is food allergies, you can always switch your dogs diet to all natural or (once again) whatever your vet suggests.

My Dog is a Yellow Labwho has skin allergies. The vet says antibiodics. Is there anything else we can do?

It seems that if we put her on an antibiodic every other month we are concerend that her immune system will suffer. We have tried ointments, nothing seems to work.

My Dog is a Yellow Labwho has skin allergies. The vet says antibiodics. Is there anything else we can do?
My parents have a black lab that has really bad skin allergies, they found out that labs are allergic to corn and corn is in just about every kind of dog food. Try finding one that doesn't have corn and see if that helps. Try Iams, its not that exspensive and it has help my parents with there dog. I hope I have helped alittle..
Reply:it is best to follow the vet instructions after all you've paid for the expert advice and not all home remedies mesh with what the Dr is doing. could throw off results he is looking for etc. besides you say you've tried stuff with no success.
Reply:Try changing her diet. I'm not too sure which type to put her on, I've heard duck, but I'm not 100% sure, but check into her diet.

There is this dog food, Eagle Pack Holistic and Solid Gold that I started researching today, and was reading some reviews and alot of owners were saying Solid Gold really helped with thier pets allergies. Check it out, it might help you.

Good luck.
Reply:You probably have to change her diet. Your vet should have suggested taking a blood test to see what she may be eating that's causing these allergies. Common things in dog food, like corn and wheat can cause her skin to be red and itchy. I know a dog that can only eat potato and venison dog food (sold at the vet's office).
Reply:You can try feeding her non processed food, make sure she is flea free by using one of the monthly flea "spot ons" like advantage, etc.

I had a dog with allergies and cooked up chicken/rice/pasta and veges for her. She lived to a ripe old age of 16. Use people chicken as pet chicken is full of fat
Reply:I used to have a black Lab who had very bad allergies. We tried everything the vet prescribed and nothing worked. We were told to try Natural Balance duck and potato formula. This has none of the main things dogs are allergic too. You might want to try allery shots if your dog is that bad. They work well but are very costly. Our dog had very itchy feet and skin and when we switched foods it helped a great deal. The foods the vet will suggest usually are very over priced and do not work as well. We tried them all!! Good luck I hope this information helps!
Reply:try giving her benaderyl that is what i give my dog
Reply:My dog has the same thing, I went to Petsmart and found an oatmeal lotion that i rub on him and it seems to help. Also avoid cheap food and get him food without corn meal in it. that really helped my doggie
Reply:Be sure to keep pests like fleas and ticks out of your home and off of your dog. These annoying things make allergies worse. Wash her bedding in dreft or a simalar detergent made for babies since it's mild and for sensitive skin. Limit bathing because it can dry out her skin and make her itchy and itching will only aggrivate her condition. Try to keep her in when human allergens like pollen are high because it can stick to their skin and irritate too.
Reply:Bath your dog in Dawn dish soap. It has always worked for us.

Reply:I've dealt with several dogs with allergies, Benadryl seemed to always work for my pets.Recomended by my vet.good luck
Reply:theres actually this spray that you can buy for that. sorry but i cant recall the name. my dog has allergies and i was using that for him. it works

I wanted to have a good skin pls help? i do have skin allergies closely to exzema?

The only way to achieve this is by seeing a dermatologist. The Dr. must determine the nature and cause of your skin problem by examination. What works for one person may not work for you. You can then get the correct treatment for this.

I wanted to have a good skin pls help? i do have skin allergies closely to exzema?
Use an emollient in bath, such as E45. Do not use perfumed moisturizers, use ones recommended for eczema. Drink lots of water.